New to Python? Look no further…

There is an ever-increasing interest in the Python programming language.  The reasons are multiple – it is a nice, English-readable high-level language (as opposed to, for example, C#).  It is also easy to get up and running with it because it is bundled with IDLE.  You can access a Python programming environment online, through wesbites such as CodeCademy, or Trinket.  Finally, there are a large number of resources available to budding Python programmers.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a dearth of really tight, accessible videos that explain Python to the newbie – so Third Millennium Learning is launching a series of YouTube videos that do just that.  The first two can be found here, and there will be plenty of updates as the weeks and months roll by:

Introduction to Python and IDLE





Introduction to using Trinket to code Python


Happy coding!


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